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Croissant guarantees its worth tomorrow.


We partnered with Croissant to make buying and reselling your items easy and sustainable.

Try Croissant by adding eligible items to your cart as you shop. The price you see is the price you will get if you resell later. If you choose to sell your item later, simply ship the item to Croissant - they will take care of the rest.



Seamless resale at no cost to you. Build your collection and trade in when you’re ready.

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How does Croissant work?

Croissant guarantees the resale value of your purchase before you buy, so you’ll know exactly what each item will be worth when you decide to trade it in. When you’re ready, you’ll initiate the trading process in the Croissant app and ship the item to one of our warehousing partners, who’ll verify the condition of your item. Once that’s done, you’ll receive a cash disbursement into your linked bank account which you can use towards your next investment item.

How much does Croissant cost?

We want to take, not only the effort, but the cost out of the traditional resale process, so Croissant is free to use. You can trade in products with Croissant with no fees and no obligations.

Where do my items go after I trade my items in with Croissant?

When you trade an item in with Croissant, it is sent to either our personal receiving facility or to one of our partner’s warehouses where we make sure that the item is being traded-in in its best condition. Once that process is complete, we take the arduous resale process off of your hands and list the item on your behalf, continuing to feed the circular shopping ecosystem.

How do I start using Croissant?

To get started with Croissant, you can opt in by clicking toggle on the product or checkout page of one of our partner’s eligible items. You’ll continue to checkout as usual, and, once you’re finished, you’ll receive an email from us to begin setting up your Croissant account.

How do I set up my Croissant account?

To set up your account, click the “Create Account” button in your welcome email where you’ll be taken to the account creation page. Once there, you’ll create a corresponding password and enter your email for verification. We will send you a 2nd email with a one-time use code to verify your email, and, once you’ve entered the code provided into our app, you’ll be able to access your account and Croissant Collection.

How long do I have to trade my item in?

For each item, you will have a designated trade-in period within which you can enjoy your item and, when you’re ready, trade in the item for cash. All items purchased with Croissant are eligible to be traded in within 12 months of their purchase date.