Caroline and Lizzy are those sisters who finish each others sentences. The type of sisters who would rather be with each other than anyone else on the planet. Both raised in the competitive dance world, movement and physical fitness quickly became a part of their DNA.

After college, Caroline went on to pursue investment sales in New York City. A top sales performer each year at the firm, but left feeling creatively stifled. And Lizzy went on to pursue dance professionally after receiving her BFA in Commercial Dance from Pace University.

When the Pandemic hit NYC in March 2020, Caroline and Lizzy found themselves dreaming of a career where they could do what they loved while helping others in the process. And what they loved was working out in activewear that excited them.

But the activewear they purchased kept missing the mark. The clothes were either "all trend" and "no function", or "all function" and "no trend". So in stead of waiting for their dream activewear brand to appear, they created it themselves.  

The sisters grew up in a family of three daughters with parents who loved and supported them unconditionally. Their parents encouraged each one of the girls to dream as big as possible and seize every opportunity.

Caroline and Lizzy grew up surrounded by confident, beautiful, and hard-working women in both school and dance. Which has undoubtedly influenced the trajectory of their personal and professional lives. 

And their wish is for Daughter Lessons NYC to be a brand that embodies the same type of positive female voice for the next generation of young women. 


Caroline and Lizzy