DL NYC is a trend-forward, multi-purpose activewear brand on a mission to empower the next generation of women. 

Made by sisters. Designed in NYC.

We find inspiration from New York City streetwear, the girls sweating next to us in our fitness classes, and our ever present love for dance. We wanted to create activewear that women could depend on for their toughest workouts and effortlessly style with the rest of their wardrobe. 


The three pillars of our brand are what set us apart.

Our Intent. Our Story. Our Mission.


Every single piece of DL is intentionally designed to be as functional and flattering as possible. We are rethinking how activewear is made: placement of the seams, construction of the garments, quality of the fabrics and attention to detail throughout the process. All of this without having to sacrifice personal style.


We are sisters that value nothing more than our relationship with each other. Being able to create this brand together is genuinely a dream come true and something we will never take for granted. You can be sure that we put our hearts and souls into everything we create. 


Caroline and Lizzy grew up surrounded by powerful women who lead with strength, confidence, and grace. They realize that there are so many young girls lacking the same positive female influence, and they are doing their part to change that. DL NYC pays it forward on behalf of all the incredible female influences in the founder's lives. DL NYC donates a portion of its sales to Girls Inc., a nonprofit that supports girls' education & development.